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Hi everybody! I started this tumblr because I wrote a fanfic called "Falling" and fanart for it kind of drew my attention to tumblr, but since then my tumblr has become a place where I squee over a bunch of different fandoms and random things that catch my attention. I love being able to talk to people who actually GET it!

You can read Falling and my other stuff at or ao3.

I do post a lot of Falling-related stuff here, particularly bits of canon and deleted scenes I couldn't fit into the story, which are all collected on the about page.

I do maintain three other blogs -- leaderinblue (a Falling Leo Roleplay blog, on hiatus), shardsoftangshen (a Tang Shen AU Roleplay blog), and askthehamatofamily, which is a Falling!Gang ask blog (when I have time to answer things).

And please say hi! I'm just a fandom geek who wants to share my geekery with everybody who'll stay still long enough to listen.

(Header image is by discosmackdown, sidebar image is by skyecrystal)

Summer festival in JPN by s-bis
I am loving this so much!!!!

Summer festival in JPN by s-bis

I am loving this so much!!!!

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