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Hi everybody! I started this tumblr because I wrote a fanfic called "Falling" and fanart for it kind of drew my attention to tumblr, but since then my tumblr has become a place where I squee over a bunch of different fandoms and random things that catch my attention. I love being able to talk to people who actually GET it!

You can read Falling and my other stuff at or ao3.

I do post a lot of Falling-related stuff here, particularly bits of canon and deleted scenes I couldn't fit into the story, which are all collected on the about page.

I do maintain three other blogs -- leaderinblue (a Falling Leo Roleplay blog, on hiatus), shardsoftangshen (a Tang Shen AU Roleplay blog), and askthehamatofamily, which is a Falling!Gang ask blog (when I have time to answer things).

And please say hi! I'm just a fandom geek who wants to share my geekery with everybody who'll stay still long enough to listen.

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Steven Universe - Half-Hour Special Ocean Gem & Mirror Gem (Longer Preview)

Steven Universe is about to change what mysteries will be revealed.Are there more crystal gems?And it’s time for humanity to believe in Steven.
Steven Universe Half-Hour Special Event Thursday September 25 Ocean Gem And Mirror Gem.
Description of the episode: The ocean disappears on the first day of summer and Beach City is in a panic.

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For those who like contests and free books, there’s a giveaway of RADIANT on Goodreads right now. (This one’s only for US — but there will be an international contest in the future.) Go, enter — I’ll cross my fingers for you!


I was looking through some HD promo pics of the guys trying to get better references for their various body mods when I noticed that in addition to the turtle tat on his left bicep Michelangelo has some script running down his left forearm.



Between the fine, delicate lines of the…